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Last Updated 08/14/21

Great selection of live plants in-stock!

SR Aquaristic Co2 Regulator w/bubble counter!
Single or Double stage! Add on bubble counters

Finnex and Twinstar lighting!
Twinstar and SRA atomizer diffussers!

New JBL products made in Germany.
(1) AquaBasis Plus 2.5L & 5L substrate fertilizer!
Lasts for 5 Years!

Now in stock Thrive All in one ferts!



Tissue Culture Plants (Disease & Snail free)

Tissue Culture Grown in-store

Tropica Tissue Culture Cups

Tissue Culture

Tropica Potted Plants

Alternanthera Pink, Cryptocoyrne wendtii Tropica,
Echinodorus reni, Microsorum pteropus,
Microsorum pteropus Narrow, Microsorum pteropus
Windelov, Microsorum pteropus Trident,

Potted Plants


Potted Nana, Potted Barteri,



Bulb Plants


Spiralis, Potted Spiralis, Potted Red Wendtii,
Potted Green Wendtii, Hudoroi, Tropica hybrid,
Bronze wendtii,


Subwassertang fern,

Floating Plants




Stem Plants

Hygrophylia angustifolia, Green cabomba,

Sword Plants

Amazon sword, Green Ozelot,


Italian, Jungle, Corkscrew,







planted aquarium 2

planted aquarium 3planted aquarium 4